ORM or Online Reputation Management is the process of digital marketing solutions as it involves the implementation of several search engine optimization techniques. This service is much more than just a brand promotion practice because it also protects your business reputation from malign elements. ORM is the process of managing brand value for a corporate or even an individual on the internet, through these techniques we can improved social engagement, web-based sites, and search engine result pages (SERPs). You may never know when your business is being targeted for negative publicity. So, it is always better to acquire safety for your brand image rather than risking your entire business.

Why choose US for Online Brand Reputation Management

  • Assess your business online to track your current online reputation.
  • Design a high-yielding plan to develop an emphatic brand image from scratch.
  • Specialize in renewing, upgrading and promoting your brand image.
  • Maximize customer interaction for better reputation development.
  • Hunt down the negative information about your business.
  • Keep an eye on your online profile including your website and social media pages.
  • ORM solutions for small, medium and large companies or firms, PR agencies, celebrities etc.
  • Monitor your Brand and Personal Reputation.

Your business deserves error-proof branding which simply begins with a well-planned online reputation management service.

“It always takes many good deeds to build a positive reputation but it takes just one bad step to lose it all at once.” Reputation is an essential aspect of human interaction and in a bigger context; it has a significantly huge impact on our personal and professional life. In addition to this, even recent market research has shown that a good reputation plays an impeccable role in boosting the leads of any given business. On the other hand, a negative image can have noteworthy adverse effects.

Here is how our online reputation management team works:

Online Research to Analyze Ongoing Status

Thorough online research is an essential part of our 360-degree digital marketing solutions and online reputation management is one of those services. Our ORM professionals check through different search engines to assess the ongoing status of your business on the internet. During this process, we try to find out whether there are any negative comments, reviews, or articles pertaining to your business or occupation. There are hundreds of portals where customers post their experience and reviews on a given service or product. We keep an eye on these portals in order to prevent any sort of negative publicity online.

Removal of Defaming Reviews and Comments

Once detected, profane information is either removed or suppressed using the reverse SEO technique. We list out the websites and review portals and ensure to remove malign data that can affect your business. In addition to this, we create and publish highly informative content that will lead your potential audience directly to your business. By posting positive details about your business frequently, we can easily get rid of negative comments on search engines and other review portals.

Recovering & Building Online Reputation

If your social media profiles and comment sections are flooded with bad reviews, it will completely ruin your online reputation and business as well. But, your brand image can be recovered with the help of effective ORM techniques. Not only do we build and manage the online reputation of new businesses but we also assist our clients in recovering their position so they can make a successful comeback amongst their customers. Apart from this, we maintain a customer interaction plan that assures transparent communication between you and your audience.

Customized Online Monitoring

Being your online reputation management service provider, we always make sure that your brand image is protected from any possible online threat. During our research process, we develop a customized plan in order to keep a track of your business’s online reputation. It includes frequent monitoring of your social media profiles, comment and review websites, and other such platforms that contain information related to your company.

If you are looking for the most reliable online brand reputation management companies in India, then Search Media is the best for it. We provide cost-effective online brand promotion and reputation management solutions for both corporate entities and individuals. Our ORM services include in-depth online research for profane information, reverse SEO for negative data, enhanced customer interaction, and systematic monitoring.

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