Globally recognized as the second most popular search engine, YouTube is considered to be a very useful platform for digital brand promotion. As per their survey report, YouTube receives more than 3 billion views every day. In addition, 72 hours of footage is uploaded every one minute on this widely famous video streaming platform. Clearly, there is no better place to upgrade your business marketing practice than YouTube.

In the digital marketing sector, it is believed that an image works 10 times better than written words. Similarly, a video with accurate information can revolutionize the way your audience views your business. Even though YouTube marketing is a prolific promotional aspect but it is not easily attainable. With millions of video publishers out there, gaining the attention of the target users is nothing less than a daunting task.

Video marketing can be lucrative but only with the help of systematic YouTube SEO implementation. At Search Media, we believe that each video doesn’t need to have viral content to be popular amongst viewers. On the contrary, fully optimized videos sometimes perform even better than regular videos with viral elements. Being a well-known YouTube SEO marketing agency, we make sure that your video appears in the topmost searches and is viewed by the maximum number of viewers.

Why Choose Us for Video Marketing & YouTube SEO?

  • We generate video-oriented keywords and title for optimal growth in search visibility.
  • We assist you in creating a personalized YouTube channel for effective brand promotion.
  • We help create videos for a new product or service launch, guidance manual, testimonials, tutorials, training videos, and graphic ads.
  • We create video to text transcriptions and promote previously posted videos for maximum viewer engagement.
  • We run a marketing campaign to promote your videos using strategic methodology.
  • We keep a track record of overall user engagement and actions on your videos to create ideas for better outcomes.

Embrace the most dynamic video promotion practice with our highly customized YouTube marketing and SEO services.

How YouTube SEO and Video Marketing Process Works?

Video Research & Development

Video research is an extremely vital part of our video marketing services. We perform extensive research on your business and then we make a strategy to optimize your YouTube channel as per the availability of your target customers on this widely utilized platform. After building a productive strategy for your business, we develop videos that can efficiently lead to an enhanced brand promotion expansion.

SEO Optimization of New & Previously Posted Videos

Whether it is a website or a YouTube channel, only well-managed search engine optimization practices can help with boosted search result visibility and make your users take the action you want. Our team of SEO professionals tries to understand the pulse of your audience during the research process and then ensures to implement the right SEO techniques. This way, we make it possible for your videos to perform well on YouTube. Apart from this, we also optimize your old videos for improved outcomes.

Off-site Promotion on Social Media

Off-site and on-site SEO works like a bicycle and it can only move forward with effectual planning and execution. While we maintain on-site settings during the video research and development process; off-site promotion takes place under the supervision of highly experienced video marketing professionals. For off-page brand promotion, we pick different famous portals including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

Monthly Performance Audit

Once off-page and on-page techniques are implemented in your videos, we track down the gradual increment in the performance of your videos. We have a specified tracking system that helps us create a brief performance audit related to your business. We use this report to identify whether we need to make further changes or continue with the same plan of action for video marketing and promotion.